My name is Jalen Wu and I was a former pro wrestler in Southern California from 2009-2011.

I started my career by reaching out to Bryan Alvarez: a podcaster, editor, and publisher of the Figure Four Weekly to learn more about wrestling schools in Seattle, Washington, where I lived at the time. He referred me to “Playboy” Buddy Rose’s and Colonel DeBeers’ school located in Portland, Oregon. I made the two hour drive on Sundays to the Straight Blast Gym where they had a ring and mma/workout equipment located near the Rose Garden.

I then moved to Long Beach, California to train and perform with AWS (Alternative Wrestling Show) based in the City of Industry. If you know SoCal, you’re aware that I endured miserable hours in traffic on the 405/10/60 at 2pm on a weekday to catch a 4pm class. Other than performing for AWS I performed for NWPW (New Wave Pro Wrestling), where I was a tag team champion, IWL (Insane Wrestling League), and multiple indy lucha promotions around Los Angeles.

I created this project to share my experience and hope it helps others to succeed as a pro wrestler / sports entertainer. I’m data-driven and guarantee you’ll consume a lot of stats to help grow and maximize your career.


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