Four Steps to make it with WWE’s Performance Center

Step 1

Apply and submit your application to be a WWE Sports Entertainer/Pro Wrestler

As of Friday, December 30, 2022, WWE’s Recruit website is live and accepting applications. Click the “APPLY NOW” link as seen in the screenshot, or scroll down to get started! The pop-up/modal asks for your date of birth and if you are a college athlete or not.

WWE Performance Center asks for your birthday and if you are a college athlete or not

If you are a college athlete, you will be taken to an NIL questionnaire

WWE NIL Questionnaire for college athletes

If you are NOT a college athlete, you will be taken to the general questionnaire

WWE General application

Step 2

Accept an invitation from WWE

After submitting your application, WWE may contact you within 4-6 weeks notice to attend a tryout. In the meantime keep working in the ring and practicing your craft.

Step 3

Attend a tryout

WWE is known to hold tryouts when there are RAW and Smackdown tv tapings and at major PLEs (Premium Live Events) throughout the year. Set an alert for tv tapings and PLE events happening near you.

The above tweet shows a tryout during Wrestlmania weekend in Los Angeles, California.

Step 4

Wait for feedback from the WWE Performance Center

Contracts can be given on the spot during WWE tryouts or through additional evaluation. If they see something in you, WWE will contact you to start your journey.

Visit the WWE Recruiting website here 👉 WWE Recruit

Good luck!

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