Early Life and Adoption

Leone and his younger brother Taula were adopted by their maternal aunt and her husband, the legendary professional wrestler Tonga Fifita (better known as Haku or Meng), from their native island of Tonga. The family brought them to Poinciana, Florida, where they grew up alongside their biological cousin and adoptive brother, fellow professional wrestler Tevita. The wrestling bug bit them early, and they made a pact to pursue their dreams once their other obligations were fulfilled. A young Tama Tonga with a young Tanga Loa and legendary, Haku

Training and Early Career (2008–2010)

In 2008, the brothers approached the Dudley Boyz to use their training school’s ring in Kissimmee, Florida. Under their guidance, Tama Tonga honed his skills and embarked on his wrestling journey. His training also included learning from notable names like Ricky Santana, Haku, Jado, and Karl Anderson. These formative years laid the foundation for his future success¹.

“Haku said he also wanted to be involved in their training, so they trained with me and Devon three days a week at the academy, and then I gave Haku the keys to our school so he could come in on Sundays and work privately with his sons,” Bully Ray said. “I saw a lot in the both of them very, very early on. As a matter of fact, to me, Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa they were The Usos before The Usos. As far as a Samoan, Polynesian type of team. I saw them as a modern day SST — Samoan SWAT Team.”

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New Japan Pro-Wrestling (2010–2024)

Tama Tonga’s tenure with New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) was nothing short of remarkable. He was a founding member of the infamous Bullet Club, alongside Bad Luck Fale, Karl Anderson, and Prince Devitt (now known as Finn Bálor). The Bullet Club revolutionized the wrestling landscape and became a global phenomenon.

Tama Tonga featured on NJPW: OnTheRoad in November 2017

Guerrillas of Destiny (G.O.D.)

Tama Tonga’s partnership with his brother Tanga Loa gave birth to the Guerrillas of Destiny (G.O.D.). As a tag team, they dominated the NJPW tag division, winning the IWGP Tag Team Championship an impressive seven times. Their hard-hitting style and undeniable chemistry made them fan favorites.

The Guerrillas of Destiny’s post match interview (with Jado) after capturing the NJPW Tag Team Championship 7 times!

Singles Success

Tama Tonga wasn’t just a tag team specialist. As a singles competitor, he held the NEVER Openweight Championship four times, proving his versatility and resilience in the ring.

International Ventures

Tama Tonga expanded his horizons beyond NJPW. He worked with Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) in Mexico, where he held the CMLL World Tag Team Championship twice. Additionally, due to the collaboration between NJPW and Ring of Honor (ROH), G.O.D. also captured the ROH World Tag Team Championship.

Tama Tong performing for Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL)

WWE Debut (2024)

On the April 12, 2024 edition of SmackDown, Tama Tonga made his long-awaited WWE debut as a member of The Bloodline. His arrival sent shockwaves through the wrestling world, and fans eagerly await his next move on the blue brand.

Tama Tonga’s journey from the islands of Tonga to the grand stage of WWE is a testament to his passion, dedication, and unwavering spirit. As he steps into the squared circle on SmackDown, we can expect fireworks and fierce battles. The legacy of Tama Tonga continues to evolve, and wrestling fans are in for a thrilling ride! 🤼‍♂️🔥

Tama Tonga making his WWE Smackdown debut wiping out Jimmy Uso

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