2015 WWE Performance Center trainees including Montez Ford and Apollo Crews

2015 WWE Performance Center Trainees; Where Are They Now?

The WWE was actively recruiting, globally, for the April 2015 Performance Center class. Some made it to the main WWE roster and are still active, some achieved main roster superstardom and succeeded outside of WWE, while others didn’t make it beyond NXT. Let’s break down the WWE Performance Center class of 2015 and see what they are up to today (2023). 🇦🇺 Australia Cassie McIntosh aka Peyton Royce aka Cassie Lee (Born in Sydney, resided in Melbourne, Australia) Cassie McIntosh got her pro wrestling training with Pro Wrestling Australia in 2009 and also trained with Lance Storm at his now defunct academy, in 2012....

April 14, 2023 · 7 min · 1426 words · Jalen Wu