December 2020 WWE Performance Center trainees including Wes Lee, Lash Legend, Zachary Wentz, Alex Zayne, Kuroshio Tokyo Japan (黒潮TOKYOジャパン), and Russ Taylor

Pre-Pandemic Prospects: WWE Performance Center's December 2020 Trainee Class

The December 2020 class at the WWE Performance Center held a unique significance. It arrived just before the global pandemic and subsequent budget cuts significantly impacted the company’s recruitment. This group, consisting of five seasoned independent wrestlers and a standout basketball player with professional experience, marked a distinct moment in WWE’s talent acquisition strategy. This article delves into the careers of these individual trainees, exploring their trajectories since joining the WWE and their current status within the wrestling industry....

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2015 WWE Performance Center trainees including Montez Ford and Apollo Crews

2015 WWE Performance Center Trainees; Where Are They Now?

The WWE was actively recruiting, globally, for the April 2015 Performance Center class. Some made it to the main WWE roster and are still active, some achieved main roster superstardom and succeeded outside of WWE, while others didn’t make it beyond NXT. Let’s break down the WWE Performance Center class of 2015 and see what they are up to today (2023). 🇦🇺 Australia Cassie McIntosh aka Peyton Royce aka Cassie Lee (Born in Sydney, resided in Melbourne, Australia) Cassie McIntosh got her pro wrestling training with Pro Wrestling Australia in 2009 and also trained with Lance Storm at his now defunct academy, in 2012....

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Austin Theory captures the WWE United States Championship at Survivor Series 2022

Pro Wrestling Training to Main Roster: Austin Theory from the WWE

Attention wrestling fans! If you’re a fan of professional wrestling, then you’ve probably heard of Austin Theory. He’s one of the newest and most promising faces in the industry. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at his athletic background, his journey to becoming a WWE superstar, and his rise to becoming the United States Champion. Austin Theory’s Athletic Background Before Austin Theory became a professional wrestler, he was involved in bodybuilding....

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WWE Tryouts

The Ultimate Guide to Trying Out for WWE's Performance Center

Step 1 Apply and submit your application to be a WWE Sports Entertainer/Pro Wrestler As of Friday, December 30, 2022, WWE’s Recruit website is live and accepting applications. Click the “APPLY NOW” link as seen in the screenshot, or scroll down to get started! The pop-up/modal asks for your date of birth and if you are a college athlete or not. If you are a college athlete, you will be taken to an NIL questionnaire If you are NOT a college athlete, you will be taken to the general questionnaire Step 2 Accept an invitation from WWE After submitting your application, WWE may contact you within 4-6 weeks notice to attend a tryout....

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